British Prime Minister Theresa May made clear her support for clean energy in a keynote speech on the UK exiting the European Union.
The record for wind electricty generated in Ireland now stands at 2,815MW, thanks to a blustery morning on 11 January.
The UK generated more electricity from wind turbines than from burning coal for the first time last year, according to estimates that will raise more questions over the security of power supplies.
More than 40% of the electricity generated on Christmas Day came from renewable sources, according to a Drax-commissioned report.
National Grid recently awarded Element Power with a hotly contested EFR contract which will see the global renewables developer procure a power import and export service from a 12.5MWh battery by April 2018.
Wind power generated the equivalent of all Scotland’s electricity needs on 7 August, according to WWF Scotland. Analysis by WWF of data provided by WeatherEnergy found that for Sunday 7 August wind turbines in Scotland provided 39,545MWh of electricity to the National Grid.
RenewableUK says today’s announcement that the Government has approved an ambitious Carbon Budget out to 2032 underlines that there is a strong UK framework for continued investment in renewables.
In June 2015 Amber Rudd, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, made a statement in Parliament  proposing new grace periods for onshore wind which, as of 18th June 2015, already had planning consent, a grid connection offer and acceptance and evidence of land rights for the wind farm...
Zero emission milestone reached as country is powered by just wind, solar and hydro-generated electricity for 107 hours
RenewableUK is highlighting the fact that, for the first time, wind generated more electricity than coal over the course of an entire month, for British homes, businesses and factories.