An Excellent Track Record

With over 3GB of projects developed and sold, Element Power continues to demonstrate a deep understanding of markets and projects. We have an unrivalled ability in identifying strategic market opportunities and leveraging potential upside of projects at all stages.

Year Type Country Project MW Purchaser
2017 Storage GB TESL 25 Enel
  Wind Sweden Grimsås 47 Marguerite
  Solar Spain Portfolio 12.5 Bluetree
2014 Wind North America Portfolio 820.0 Capital Power
2013 Solar Group Portfolio 1827.0 First Solar
  Solar Chile Portfolio 380.0 Rijn Capital
2012 Solar US Macho Springs Solar 49.0 First Solar
  Solar France Portfolio 15.5 Solais / Altus Energy
  Wind US Windthorst 150.0 enXco
  Wind Spain Almatret 49.4 Aviva
2011 Solar Italy La Cattiva 2.0 Equiter
  Solar Italy Piano Corallo 4.5 Equiter
2010 Solar France Saint Martin 5.4 Triodos

Having taken a project through the development lifecycle to a fully-fledged power generation asset, we don't stop there. Our excellent Operational Management team is on hand ensuring optimum value and performance for our clients through rigorous daily management of their assets.

We value our partnership with Element Power and are exploring other ways of working with them.”
CEO, GE Energy Financial Services