Construction Management

Successful delivery through construction is critical given the capital at risk. Construction delays, cost overruns and mismanagement of contractors and suppliers can have catastrophic results. 

At Element Power, our flexible and experienced team have a proven track record of successfully managing the construction of large scale renewable projects, on time and within budget. Time and again we overcome the many complex issues arising to consistently meet the needs and expectations of our clients. Since 2012 we have built and/or have in construction over 300MW across three markets. This covers onshore wind, solar PV and battery storage projects

Working closely with our project development team during early stages, projects are designed optimally from the outset. During construction, through valuing and nurturing our good, long relationships with OEMs and contractors, we can maximise the value of your project. And our in depth knowledge of how wind farms operate means we are ever mindful of the requirements needed to enhance the long term performance of your project.

The unique combination of our holistic approach, the vast experience of our team and our reputation for delivering exactly what we say, is why Element Power is consistently the partner of choice.

Our Construction Management services include:

Health and Safety
Health and safety is prioritised throughout construction. We ensure all obligations are fulfilled under the relevant legislation.

We have developed our own procurement process to ensure that the best cost is achieved based on using experienced Balance of Plant contractors.

Budget Management
Strong budget and contract management. We manage the project to your agreed budget, minimising contract variations.  

Programme Monitoring
By continuously tracking and monitoring of the project programme, we ensure your Commercial Operation Date (COD) is achieved.

Quality Assurance
We manage contractors to ensure QA documentation is in place, maintained and up-to-date, providing you with a full As-Build Information and Safety File at the end of each project.

Progress Reporting
We issue weekly and monthly progress reports so you are kept fully informed.

Planning Permission
We ensure all the planning compliance items are managed properly. 

Environmental Obligations
We check that environmental obligations and ongoing environmental monitoring are in place .

Regulatory Compliance
We engage with the regulatory bodies such as CER & DCENR, to ensure your project is fully compliant with its obligations.

Land Owner's Representative
We act as your representative, effectively managing interactions and agreements concerning the access route, grid connection and wind farm.

Legal and Dispute Resolution
We engage with local communities, keeping them up-to-date with site activities and responding to any concerns during construction.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
We engage with supply companies to ensure the clean transition of the wind farm from construction to operation.

Element Power - experienced in Wind and Solar Construction Management


Element Power - experienced in Wind and Solar Construction Management

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