Element Power has the expertise and tools to optimise the performance of your asset portfolio and maximise your investment returns. 

From our Central Control Centre we remotely monitor the performance of your assets, allowing us to assess real time production, availability, energy losses, power curves, faults and trends. This type of monitoring and analysis ensures your assets are operated to a maximum efficiency. 

Through efficient maintenance  strategies, detailed inspections, audits and regular reviews, we are able to identify any issues and implement changes; maximising the return from your assets. 

  • Energy Loss Assessments: Real time continuous tracking
  • Power Curve Analysis: 10 minute data interrogations
  • Pareto Fault Trends: Identifying and isolating faults
  • Strategy Efficiencies: Optimising the OEM strategies
  • Availability Analysis: Individual and whole farm availability
  • Error Log Analysis: Faults, warnings and trending

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