Element Power wins tender for Great Britain’s National Grid: Enhanced Frequency Response

National Grid recently awarded Element Power with a hotly contested EFR contract which will see the global renewables developer procure a power import and export service from a 12.5MWh battery by April 2018. The service provided will act to control the system frequency which would otherwise vary as load and generation changes on a second by second basis.

The need for an enhanced frequency response service has been mooted by the system operator, National Grid, in response to trends forecast in its System Operability Framework.

In introducing more renewables and interconnectors onto the grid via converter power electronics rather than conventional synchronous rotating machines, the need for additional and improved system services has increased especially as conventional coal and gas generators who once provided frequency response and inertia services reduce their operating times or retire altogether.

Enhanced Frequency Response is defined by National Grid Electricity Transmission as being:

‘a service that achieves 100% active power output at 1 second (or less) of registering a frequency deviation.  This is in contrast with existing frequency response services of Primary and High which have timescales of 10 seconds, and Secondary which has timescales of 30 seconds.  This is a new service that is being developed to improve management of the system frequency pre-fault, i.e. to maintain the system frequency closer to 50Hz under normal operation.’

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