Corporate Social Responsibility

Climate experts agree on the urgency of ending our reliance on unsustainable and climate changing fossil fuels like coal and oil.  To guarantee future supplies of heat and electricity, we must turn instead to harnessing power from nature’s own unlimited resources of sun, wind and water. We believe that by working together we can all play a part in reducing the use of damaging pollutants from fossil fuel emissions. 

Vision and Values

Our goal is simple: high quality projects of value that reflect our technical and commercial expertise and make a positive contribution to communities, the environment, the economy and society as a whole.

We are working to create a world where clean power is available to everyone, where a reliance on fossil fuels becomes a thing of the past and where consumers can access clean energy reliably and cost-effectively.

We see dirty coal-burning power stations being replaced with elegant wind turbines. We see livestock grazing at the base of these majestic machines. We see families and animals living in harmony with the technological advances that are keeping their lights on and houses warm through long-cold winters. We make all of this possible through a dogged determination to not only develop individual generation assets, but also assist policymakers and regulators in developing the appropriate legal and regulatory frameworks enabling long-term deployment of renewable energy technologies and the infrastructure to support it.  


Element Power is dedicated to being a responsible steward of the environment.

Our corporate policy is to conduct our business in an environmentally sustainable and responsible manner while providing clean, reliable, economical energy to utilities and their customers. We are committed to siting, designing, constructing, and operating our project facilities in a way that minimizes adverse environmental impacts and is consistent with local and national regulations. Further, we are committed to working cooperatively with wildlife agencies towards the protection of wildlife resources. Our projects comply with this principle, minimising potential impacts on birds, bats and other wildlife and their habitats.


Element Power is a proud investor in forward thinking renewables policies and the much needed economic regeneration they bring to rural communities.

We work with local communities to bring additional financial benefits over and above the tangible benefits of renewable energy generation and job creation. We procure from a range of local services including construction companies, drainage contractors, concrete suppliers, metal fabricators, plant hire, cleaning, waste management, security, fencing contractors and catering and accommodation suppliers. By using the local workforce where possible, each development can have a direct and positive effect on the local economy.

In certain regions, we will pay an annual voluntary community benefit based on the operational wind farm’s income into a local development trust. These funds are an opportunity for local communities to invest in projects that enhance their quality of life and create a legacy that will outlast the life of the turbines.

We pledge to:

  • Respect communities through consultation, collaboration and co-operation
  • Encourage community engagement at every stage of project development
  • Provide communities with environmental and economic legacies that will enhance the quality of life for local communities

Safety First 

Safety is an integral part of how we do business.
Our customers, management and employees are committed to demonstrating safety leadership, providing a safe work environment and promoting safety. We provide and maintain a safe place of work, safe plant and machinery and safe systems of work. We carry out detailed hazard identification exercises, risk assessments and implement control measures as required. Training and supervision are also provided as needed for this purpose..